Overlooking the Aegean, Villa Irini is only a 5 minute drive from Porto Heli’s traditional harbor with the beautiful yachts, picturesque sea-food restaurants, crafts and souvenir shops, the local bakeries, fishmongers and vegetable shops and only a stone’s throw away from the cosmopolitan Spetses island.
Upon arrival our villa manager will help you decide amongst a variety of daily excursions, as well as provide you directions to all the useful locations in the region.


Spetses (4 nautical miles) – Hydra (8 nautical miles)

These islands are distinguished in modern, Greek history for their brave revolutionaries who played a major role in the Greek Revolution. On Spetses, visit the Bouboulina Museum, the stately home of a noble woman who was a famed revolutionary and, on Hydra, the stately homes of the freedom fighters Miaoulis and Koundouriotis. You can reach Spetses by local caiques & sea-taxis from Kosta harbor, 4km from the house. Hydra is accessible from Porto Heli harbor by catamaran.

Ermione (20km)

Located between Spetses and Hydra, Ermione, with its picturesque harbor, has kept the name of the ancient city once located on the same site. The name is derived from Greek mythology, the daughter of Menelaus and Helen of Troy.

Kilada (20km)

Kilada is approximately ten kilometers northwest of Porto Heli. A traditional fishing village, it is noted for its famed boatyards and preservation of the traditional wooden fishing boat craft. Following the coastal road leading to the north end of the bay, you will arrive at the Frachthi cave, which was inhabited during the mid-Palaeolithic Age. (3000 B.C.)

Nafplio (80km)

Nafplio was historically an important seaport on the Gulf of Argolis, and is a charming town dominated by Palamidi Venetian era fortress. Beautiful neoclassical buildings, historic squares, Venetian balconies, old churches and Turkish mosques, are all a part of the colorful tapestry of the town. The church of St. George, adorned with replicas of great Italian painters and the Folk and War museums are places of interest.

Epidaurus (110 km)

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus was built in the 4th century B.C. and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Located in a mystical setting in a forest, the ancient amphitheater with its perfect acoustics is mesmerizing to say the least. Architecturally, the theatre was positioned in a way so that the sound would be clearly heard even in the last row of seats.
The modern, summer festival of Epidaurus first began in 1954. Since then, it has become the foremost institution of ancient drama, with the tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides performed at the ancient theatre.

Mistras (200 km)

Mistras, located 5km outside Sparta, is a Word Heritage Site fortress, which was originally built by the Franks, and provided the foundation for the development of a Byzantine town. The deserted, medieval town is fantastic for exploring the old churches and the fortress, the despot’s palace and, especially, the church of Saint Sofia within the fortress walls.

Monemvasia (280 km)

The municipality of Monemvasia is built on a small island on the southeast edge of the Peloponnese and is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of earth. Time seems to have stopped in this Byzantine, medieval town with its cobblestone streets, stone mansions, Byzantine churches and coat of arms. Within its walls, you will feel you are walking back in time to another age.